22 October, 2007

Nice exhaust

4 Step to the white courtesy phone:

Anonymous Lurch shout your mess

I was trying to think of some witty comment about looking a cock, but it's nearly Friday.

October 25, 2007 4:27 pm

Blogger WhiteBoyBob shout your mess

As the genitally enfeebled used to say at school, "Long and thin goes too far in, short and thick does the trick."

Yes, you keep telling yourself that sonny. The ladies love a sausage roll.

October 26, 2007 3:17 pm

Anonymous Anonymous shout your mess

Ha! Just look at the smile on her face!

November 21, 2007 2:52 pm

Blogger magi shout your mess

Awesome - thanks for including me! You're the best. Hope you are doing well. Exhaust Shops

December 06, 2011 2:56 am


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