20 August, 2008

Mad Maxine

As always there is crazy, and then there's religous crazy - us secular types just can't compete with the batshit insane weapons-grade stupid that your average deity is handing out these days.

Losalini Rainima is being held in a Sydney Correctional Centre over a 2004 charge for unregistered driving. When convicted Rainima had her licence suspended and was given a five-year good behaviour bond which she refused to sign. She was then re-sentenced to nine months in jail.

The court heard Rainima had links to a civil rights group calling itself the Unified Peoples' Movement Against Road Tolls (UPMART), whose website states it seeks to protect "inalienable human rights" including through "bible codified common law".

Rainima was not represented by a lawyer on Wednesday but by members of UPMART, who were granted leave to appear on her behalf.

UPMART founder Malcolm McClure told the court Rainima had spent more than 11-and-a-half months in custody so far.

She was "blessed by almighty God", he said, and state laws could not impede her basic right to "go forth" or drive.

"You're saying Mrs Rainima has a right which is God-given, which it is the state's duty to uphold," Justice Hidden said in an effort to summarise the basis of the appeal.

Rainima sat silently throughout court proceedings.

Presumably she was busy underlining the passages in her copy of the good book which specifically exempt her from paying entrance fees at the water park and guarantee her inalienable right to a jet-pack/hovercar as soon as such technology exists.

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Blogger Roo shout your mess

Well, if it's in the bible that's ok...must dash , as I have three friends I need to go and stone now their divorces are through... .. .

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