03 February, 2009

Chairman of the board

The twin interests of furniture design and motorcars are combined more often than you might think, but unfortunately the results are often rather gauche. Racing seat converted for office use, or Porsche 917 style sofa anybody?

The Swedes know a think or two about restrained design, furniture and otherwise and it inspired the 2007 Volvo For Life Design competition. This modular cardboard lounge chair inspired by a Volvo C30 taillight was designed by Luis Fernando Luna Bermudez, a Universidad de Monterrey student. It took top prize in the Sustainable Design category. The chair is made from laminated cardboard and reveals a neatly nested ottoman and side table that reference the design of the tailight elements.

Not only that, with it's corrugated construction the table looks just like a cone filter. Result!

22 Step to the white courtesy phone:

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