26 October, 2009

Luke I have felt your presents

There are some distinct advantages in coming from a small family, one of which is that it's merely a pain in the ass buying presents rather than a full on nightmare. The downside to having no young male relatives is seeing a product that every boy would want and having no-one to buy it for.

How much would the 10 year old me have wanted a Turbospoke? Just a lot! (how much would the adult me like to fit a Turbospoke to my BMX? A little bit :-)

The Turbospoke seems to take the age old classic playing-card and washing peg and attaches a rather natty acoustic amplifier that looks just like a motorbike silencer. Cool and the gang! Go to the site for video of it in action.

And now I discover the Haynes Internal Combustion Engine model too! featuring realistic ignition sound, illuminating spark plugs and belt-driven fan no less. It looks ace.

Screw it, I'll get them for my cousin, and when her parents tell me that she prefers Hannah Montana and High School Musical I'll make up something about gender stereotypes being a bad thing. Result.

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