11 December, 2009

Be prepared

Step-through, Clunk 90, the Cub, whatever name or variant you know it by one thing is certain the Honda moped is the foundation of whatever Honda do today. If you ride a Blade, then this is the bike that made it possible - over 60 million sold worldwide (versus a piffling 21.5m Beetles) bankrolled the company
Not so ubiquitous in the UK as they once were, my own memories of the Cub are a slightly embarrassing moped that whats'ername in the cul-de-sac used to go to the shops... of course the rosy-tinted glasses of nostalgia mean that I quite fancy a clean original one now.

And of course a custom sub-culture has grown up. I love this kind of thing... pure aesthetics - there was never any performance to begin with so modifiers concentrate on building a fly ride. So much creativity and style.

These pics are from the ExtendCub Club, found via DSC