21 April, 2010

tower of power

The distaff representative of driverchris towers finds it almost impossible to pass by a museum or gallery, they exert a pull on her which is almost primal. This is fine I like a bit of high culture myself although I can start to fade a wee bit after the third or fourth in a day.

The way to preserve amity is to leaven the modern art and ethnographic artefacts with visits to stuff like the excellent tekniskamuseet in Stockholm - an amazing collection of technical engineering in a great location.

So what could be more exciting after some old masters then than a visit to a car storage plant?

Until recently the 'CarTowers' a storage device for up to 800 freshly made Volkswagens was not open to the public. All that has changed.

A special glass, panorama lift takes six guests through the same procedure as one of the 800 cars stored in the CarTowers.

Visitors are taken up 48 metres to the 20th storey by the car shuttle as if they were a regular car – for extra effect the car shuttle swings slowly to the right and then back to the left before safely depositing the glass lift in a specially designed slot on the observation deck.

How cool is that? One for the itinerary of the next European road trip.

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Blogger Roo shout your mess

OOOh - this is just what I need for the drive, save all those hazardous parking on the bend of the road moments at parties... how much?

April 23, 2010 7:55 pm

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