20 August, 2010

the pros from dover

...however the lone rider that does the runner is the risktaker and the one that thinks he has the skill and the luck to outrun anyone....when the fact is they are not in control and basically ride/drive with their eyes closed (or may as well with the amount of 'skill' they display)

I once arrested what i classed as a proper 'getaway driver' after a very lengthy pursuit through Berkshire, we had a good chat whilst sat at the rear of a custody block waiting to get booked in.

we were discussing the pros & cons of his 'job' and it was interesting how much he despised what he classed as idiots on bikes and cars that initiated pursuits because they were speeding or lacked insurance etc.....he hated programmes such as police camera action as it just showed 'carnage'.

He said, "if i get seen by Cops then i've blighted that job, get away then the job is a partial success, getting away without detection is the main aim"

Considering i pursued him for 30 mins and he was stopped by 'Stop stick' i asked how long he would have kept it going , he replied "until one of us ran out of petrol"

i must admit, there was not much recklessness in his driving, it was just a case of him not stopping, he did driver up to three figures and drove, if i'm honest, reasonably well...he didn't do anything dangerous and the overtakes he got in were 'on' and safe.

when his tyres were deflated he didn't carry on he indicated, pulled over and put his arms out of the window as did the three other men he was carrying.

considering they were all looking at a lengthy custodial sentence for a high value burglary ther were all well mannered and behaved.

unfortunately the majority of people i pursue are idiots and risk takers and a very clear and obvious danger to the public.

from pbmagforum

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it's stories and writing like that that makes me miss the PBmag forum

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