01 September, 2005

the quality of mercy is strained

Big Brother contestant Makosi Musambasi, who is threatened with deportation, has said: "Terrorists are treated better than me."

She lost her right to stay in the country when she resigned from her job as a trainee in the cardiac unit of High Wycombe Hospital, Bucks, to appear on a television programme. Because of her resignation Ms Musambasi's working visa has been curtailed. She must leave the country or appeal.

"A lot of illegal immigrants are paid to stay in this country and are fed by taxpayers," she continued. "I am here paying my taxes and working but I'm treated like a thug."

Ms Musambasi was stopped by police on Monday over a driving matter, when immigration officials questioned her about her visa.

"Terrorists don't even go through that," she said.

Ms Musambasi said she hoped to return to nursing but said she could not go back yet because she had "a lot of magazine and TV things coming up" and that she could "a lot for charity". "I couldn't walk back onto a ward now - instead of reversing heart attacks, I would cause heart attacks"

Ms Musambasi came third in a television game show earlier this month.

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Blogger Richard shout your mess

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September 01, 2005 11:02 pm

Blogger Richard shout your mess


You know what? She should actually be treated like a misidentified terrorist and be shot 7 times in the head. Now that would be good reality TV!

September 01, 2005 11:04 pm

Blogger Richard shout your mess

First post fllu fo tpying errros

September 01, 2005 11:04 pm

Blogger Chris shout your mess

Some people are obviously beyond parody.

There isn't a single thing she says that doesn't make me want to hand her teeth to her in a hat. What a stupid cunt.

I can't believe that some folk have spent their summer watching a room full of people of this calibre scratching themselves and reading HEAT.

September 02, 2005 7:42 am

Blogger Richard shout your mess

One can't help looking at this collection of self-centered, educationally sub-normal, freaks without feeling so much better about onesself. Most people watching this car crash TV hate the contestants as much, if not more than those that don't watch it.

It does make one dispair for the fate of the human race though.

September 02, 2005 1:30 pm

Blogger Richard shout your mess

"...want to hand her teeth to her in a hat." Man, I nearly prolapsed when I read that. Class!

September 02, 2005 2:01 pm

Blogger Chris shout your mess

We need her back in training, learning the art of "reversing heart attacks" God knows she's spent enough time this year paying her taxes.

September 02, 2005 2:44 pm

Blogger Ghone shout your mess

Where do I sign the petition?

September 04, 2005 9:05 am


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