01 November, 2006

White devils

I think it was Malcolm X who said he had more respect for the South African Apartheid leaders than the white ruling class in America - both believed in segragation but at least one had the guts to admit it. They may be dead wrong but at least they've got the balls to say "Yes I'm a racist, fuck you!"

Old Mr X knew that it's several million times more hateful to have some slick oleaginous prick tell you all the great things he believes in and then fuck you over in the same old way. Is there anything more infuriating than seeing lip-service being paid to a decent principle? Well yes, if some sucker swallows it.

In the Saturn Vue Green Line, GM have managed to produce on of the most cynically conceived vehicles of all time. They've found the smallest loophole possible and crammed their fat asses through it.

It doesn't have an efficient modern Atkinson cycle engine, a specially designed CVT, modern battery design or many of the other clever things that make a modern car efficient.

No. It has a heavier starter motor that charges a measly 10kW battery under braking. Other than that it's as old fashioned as wife beating.

It's enough however is enough to give it the status of a "Hybrid Vehicle" and all the school run bragging rights that go with it. Not to mention the $650 tax credit for hybrid buyers.

I've got more respect for someone running a vintage muscle car - at least they aren't trying to convince everybody including themselves of their eco-friendly credentials whilst doing as little as humanly possible. And when you consider the energy and materials required to make a brand new piece of crap like a Saturn Vue Green Line, running an old Hemi is greener.

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