09 April, 2008

My name is Otto

Cleveland, Ohio. Screaming children jumped from a school bus onto a road as the bus rolled downhill and crashed on Monday. The driver was answering nature's call in a gas station restroom at the time. Fifteen children suffered mostly minor injuries.

There are several lessons here... it's probably a false economy to contract out school bus work to a firm called Aqua Limo. They sound like the kind of outfit who would employ the odd shady character as a driver. Should you use somebody with Grand Theft Auto on their sheet as as a schoolbus driver? Probably not.

The bus crashed into a bridge support pillar after rolling away from the gas station. Officials credit one child with steering the bus away from oncoming traffic, Arts Academy Charter School Director Alexis Rainbow says many of the children on board are heroes.

"After speaking with students we had many heroes on this bus working together and I can't identify one person as the hero because they were all working together."

I'm calling shenanigans here...

...Okay its a given that you don't leave a bus full of kids unattended - that's rule No1 I expect, but given the GTA bust I'm guessing he has a history of making less than perfect decisions. But how many people have EVER used a gas station that was built on a slope?

I'm betting my right nut that the 'hero kid' who steered into a bridge steered it right out of the gas station in the first place, when the previous conviction came to light that little bastard lucked out big time. A bus full of smart little hero children and not one of them has heard of brakes?

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