20 March, 2008

Don't believe the type

I have an on/off relationship with picking up on typos, especially when it's on the interweb. As a graphic designer I'm hyper-aware of typos and to a lesser extent grammatical errors, they stick out like the proverbial 'dog turd on a bowling green' and every designer will know the icy feeling of dread running down their spine when looking at a printed item and spotting a mistake. Oh, I'm also an insufferable pedant - so I'm kinda inclined to point out people's faux pas given half a chance.

But on the flipside - if a piece of writing is pretty much clear and readable then pointing out a keystroke error in the middle is, let's face it, a cunt's game. Internet forums, blogs and the like are a much more informal fast-paced arena where words fly about at a helluva rate.

The trick is to decide which bits of copy will benefit from a robust and thorough checking process. That stage may have been missed here.

More details here: 9news.com

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