04 September, 2005

ride the wild cliche

A post where driverchris' sometime roving reporter, WhiteboyBob touched upon bad advertising on his eponymous blog has obviously been keenly read by John Camm.

John is also tired of lazy, cliche ridden advertising and has compiled a list of offending cliches. "It's tiresome to see characters in adverts who don't resemble anyone you know," he says. "But what's perhaps worse is the absolute reliance of advertising on its own regurgitated cliches." I've cherry picked a few that I find particularly annoying.

4. Mums are often harassed but NEVER depressed/unable to cope.

7. Anyone with a scientific career will have a bad haircut and dreadful clothes.

8. If you work for the emergency services, you are a better person than the general population.

11. Women have jobs they never do in real life, e.g. dockworker (who looks like a model).

14. Men are inherently lazy/slobbish; women are the reverse.

15. Chocolate, however, will cause women to immediately fall into the languor of the opium eater.

22. Children know more than adults.

The groovy fellas at tvcream have compiled a similar list of the cliches of television drama here.

2 Step to the white courtesy phone:

Blogger Ćœbermilf shout your mess

Don't forget: products are soooo irresistable that you should betray/destroy your own loved ones to get at them or keep them to yourself!

September 06, 2005 5:36 pm

Blogger Chris shout your mess

Yay for stuff!

It's like rilly, rilly important.

September 06, 2005 6:42 pm


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