25 January, 2006

Think of the children! pt 2

A group of parents in Johnson County, Kansas believe their children are required to read profane and sexually explicit books, reports KMBC's Martin Augustine.

A group of concerned citizens and parents made their case on Monday to the Blue Valley School Board. The group's Web site lays out its concerns that there is too much sex, violence and vulgarity on Blue Valley School reading lists. The group has called some of the books pornographic.

"But must we wallow in the sewer to recognize filth?" asked parent Sherry Millen. Millen wants the Blue Valley School Board to remove the novels "The Lords of Discipline" and "Boy's Life" from class reading lists because of the language and sexual references.

"Far less than this has been successfully prosecuted as sexual harassment in the workplace," Millen said, having difficulty differentiating between, for example, reading about a man being crucified and actually crucifying a man in your workplace, with nails.

In arguing for the removal of "Song of Solomon" from the reading lists, Lisa Friedrichsen also objected to the language and sexual tone of the book as being too much for high school students to handle. "Why would I subject my kids to this sexual harassment, knowing that the same content has been described in Blue Valley official rationales as 'poetic language and advanced dialogue," Friedrichsen said.

On their website the group outline oposition to homosexual sex, anal sex, rape, and incest as well as heterosexual sex and oral sex, contesting that "it's undeniable that descriptions of sexually explicit scenes helps develop an appetite for more of the same. Unfortunately, that appetite easily and logically leads to pornography and sexual experimentation. (Anyone watching the news knows that students are engaging in oral sex at a greater rate than ever before.)"

"At 18, they can have a couple years to figure out the horrid situations of life. We don't have to bring all that upon them before they get out of high school," school board member Dan French said.

It's an interesting way to educate your child certainly. Tell them that the world is made of kittens and rainbows, and yes dear, there isn't any such thing as literature just The Very Hungry Caterpillar. And then on their eighteenth birthday you have the difficult chat about "the horrid situations of life" like sex, horrid dirty sex.

This year we'll be vacationing in Kansas, I just can't get enough of those cute innocent corn-fed Kansas highschool girls, and as my concerned parent friends tell me students are engaging in oral sex at a greater rate than ever before.

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