16 November, 2006

This baby's not for turning

Once again hard-working families must take matters into their own hands. Until governments wake up and see the scale of potential laxity on the part of auto-makers and legislate we must all remain alert.

In a report to congress on Monday the US government said sensor technologies used on vehicles to help prevent children from being reversed over face limitations and need further study.

Camera systems may offer drivers "reliable assistance in identifying people in the path of the vehicle when backing," the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report said.

But tests conducted on sensor-based parking aids used to detect children behind the vehicle were "typically poor, sporadic and limited in range," according to the report, required under a highway bill approved by Congress last year.

The government said back-over accidents cause an estimated 183 deaths and about 7,400 injuries a year. NHTSA tested several systems available in vehicles and as aftermarket products.

NHTSA says vehicle safety sensors need refinement.

Anybody who tells you that this technology was developed to complement rather than replace a driver's responsibility is obviously a communist, or possibly Al Quaeda. It's every patriots right to sit perched, out of breath, in a large vehicle with poor visibility. He should be able to depend on somebody or something else to take responsibilty for his actions. However oafish.

Until such a time as Detriot sees fit to design a better sensor we recommend all parents intensify their child's high calorie intake to give those sensors a better chance. It's their patriotic duty. And if they can include some heavy isotopes in that diet, so much the better.

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Blogger MadMondo shout your mess

I too yearn for a simpler day filled with Ford Pintos and loose lapbelts. A day filled with organophosphates, leaded petrol and asbestos. A time where personal responsibility and corporate negligence could walk hand in hand openly and proudly in the bright sun. Not like nowadays where they skulk in the shadows like bastard heirs unable to share in the spoils of the future they helped create. Instead they now resort to the vicarious thrill of baitedly waiting for the demise of a defenseless naive victim to feed their insatiable need for recognition - like little Timmy playing with his Tonka toy on the drive oblivious to pissed Daddy's impending expedition for more tequila and margerita mix.

Mind you if you are dumb enough to pancake your genetic legacy, then your destruction of your own offsping is going to be more a matter of time than one of chance. "Darling you'll never believe it but I've done it again. Before you say anything just answer me this - what makes the rear bumper such an appealing place for those little fuckers to play under for Christ's sake? You would have though they'd learnt after what happended to Simon. And if that pissing reversing camera was properly sighted none of this would have happened. Hic."

November 24, 2006 8:28 pm

Blogger Chris shout your mess

I sense a metaphorical hand on my shoulder an someone boozily breathes an opinion at me.

Is it wrong to feel turned on?

November 25, 2006 9:15 pm


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