16 March, 2007

Cashpoint cripple

It may have been the tortuous customisation of the registration to produce a personalised number plate of dubious quality. It could have been the inexpertly executed bodykit along with the awful graphics advertising Milton Keynes premier table dancing club...

But what really endeared him was when he parked up in the disabled space and skipped out of his motah like a startled gazelle.

Please fire up the company printer - and run some of these out with my compliments to keep in your glovebox.

(click for bigness)

5 Step to the white courtesy phone:

Blogger Taoski shout your mess


Very good idea.
can we have one for the people that use the Parent and Toddler parking bays at Tesco when they clearly are just old enough to see over the steering wheel of their Sub-Bass'ing Corsa let alone father some children.

March 18, 2007 4:21 pm

Blogger Ghone shout your mess

Great image!
I am printing whilst I type...

March 18, 2007 7:34 pm

Blogger Roo shout your mess

I put my hand up to using the Parent and child space at Tesco - although when challenged, the feisty octogenarian that is my mother piped up that technically we where parent and child.. he let us off.

March 19, 2007 4:02 pm

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