27 March, 2007

Ride the wild cliche

Another day another soft news story that is a piece of shit 'research' commissioned by some interested party, boiled down to 3 exciting headlines that are complete guff.

"The chances of crashing your car could increase if you drive in Devon and Cornwall or decrease if you are in Scotland, according to a new survey" trumpets the Beeb, quoting a poll, carried out for moneysupermarket.com.

"And the West Midlands appears to be the hotspot for motorway accidents." Good grief! You mean the area of the country riddled with motorways has more motorway accidents than Cornwall (which has no motorways), has the world gone mad?

It's hardly as pervasively evil as a pharmaceutical company pushing skewed data from fudged studies as news to support their interests, just lazy journalism cunts.

We live in an age of crass reportage about non-news where not only can someone make the following moronic statement, but another idiot will reproduce it as news.

Richard Mason from moneysupermarket.com, said: "Danger clearly lurks close to home for many drivers, with collisions most likely to happen in their neighbourhood and places they visit regularly."