21 March, 2007

More guerilla motoring

Today WhiteBoyBob and I had a small libation after work as is sometimes our wont. Rather annoyingly I didn't have the right change to feed the parking ticket machine, and I resent putting a pound into the damn thing when all it needs is 50p.

Luckily as sometimes happens a fellow motorist saw me making towards the ticket machine with a thrusting, manly stride and offered up her own ticket - plenty of valid time paid for on it, shame to waste it, you get the picture.

I thanked her effusively, popped it onto the dash and skipped off to the boozer with a renewed optimism for my fellow driver.

As we made for the bar I reflected to my compadre WBB, my Sancho Panza if you will, that I had not studied the proffered ticket, and that I had a centre console full of very similar items that had expired over the past few weeks.

So the next time I see an offensive, boorish or selfish driver making for the ticket machine having offended my finely tuned sense of motoring propriety, I shall bound up with a cheery grin and ask if they would like to use my ticket. Really it's no problem.

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