20 March, 2007

Swapping paint

When I started watching endurance racing it was a very different beast. After 22 gruelling hours at La Sarthe you had seen which drivers and teams had what it takes to campaign through the night. Back then a team might spend an hour making repairs in the pits and still come out in the running.

The last couple of hours was a time to wind down, take stock and nurse your way to the finish, both as a competitor and spectator. Sure you'd get last lap dramas like the puncture in '99 that gifted Toyota's win to BMW – but the dominance of Audi really turned them into 12 and 24 hour sprint races.

Even so you rarely get to see a last lap battle as hard as this for GT class honours at the Sebring 12 hours from the weekend. The addition of a fireworks display in the background (natch – it's endurance racing) means this'll be a shoe-in for a PS3 version surely?