21 August, 2007

Pimp my ride

I can remember way back in the mists of time now, when the family climbed a step in the social pecking order by having a sunroof retrospectively fitted to our gold Vauxhall Astra. It was a mere triplex laminated rectangle of glass, able to positioned at a jaunty angle or removed completely but it was a status symbol. And it also allowed you to drive at just the right speed to create an upsetting resonant turbulence in the cabin.

We didn't actually watch the procedure - there are some things you don't want to see attacked with a set of hydraulic tin snips, and in the absence of Davina McCall they went for the Astra.

Of course times have changed and these days having a sunroof is an indicator that perhaps things haven't worked out quite as well as they might, unable to afford climate control eh?

Or so I thought. Apparently not, as this enterprising individual is selling self-adhesive fake sunroofs. As the man says

High Status at a very low price !!! A CAR WITH A SUNROOF LOOKS EXTREMELY GOOD!!!

And if you can't trust somebody who leaves the Caps Lock on and employs multiple exclamation marks these days, then who can you believe?

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