11 December, 2007

Tonight I shall be polishing my helmet

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, as that old bugger Keats once said. And whilst we're dragging old clich├ęs out of the errr woodwork, what price can you put on your health? Quite a large one it turns out. And this helmet truly is a thing of beauty as well as protection for my head, which unfortunately isn't so much.

Those readers who know about these things that matter will recognise Phil Read's racing colours, see him in action here.

Wiki says:
Phillip William Read (born January 1, 1939 in Luton, England) is an English former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer nicknamed "The Prince of Speed." Although he would often be overshadowed by his contemporary, Mike Hailwood, he would become the first man to win world championships in the 125cc, 250cc and 500cc classes.

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