29 January, 2008

Thin red line

I don't own a SatNav, don't worry I'm not one of those wankers who sneers "d'uh just learn to read a map douchebag!" A gadget that's car related? It's bound to be *ahem* right up my street, instead I'm religiously opposed to them as a practicing skinflint.

Not being experienced in using the little blighters I'm not sure what their performance is like but I am taken by a product being developed by US company Making Virtual Solid called Virtual Cable. It displays a red route line on the driver’s windscreen just like a fighter pilot's HUD with no need to take your eyes off the road.

Users input their required destination through their existing satnav and Virtual Cable then uses the routeplan the gadget comes up with to display the red line, which is achieved using a combination of lasers and mirrors hidden behind the car’s dashboard.

That's right, it uses frikkin' laser beams, and there's nowt cooler than that.