05 November, 2008

Max Power doesn't snuggle

I wanted to wait and ask Dave if he had any objections to me posting a video of his accident on the interweb pipes. Its a measure of his sense of humour and magnanimous nature that he agreed to it.

It was pure luck (good or bad you be the judge) that I chose that particular session to run behind him so I could get some footage of the V-Max on track.

Often after filming close riding you're disappointed reviewing the footage to see that the lead bike seems miles away - its' one of those things that can be hard to capture - let me assure you, when the accident unfolded in front of me it felt really fucking close!

I'm grateful that I managed to keep my bike upright when I took to the grass but most of all I'm thankful for the swift, expert attention of all the various people who were on the scene so fast trackside, the Helicopter crew and the staff at The Countess of Chester who had another 3 visitors from Oulton Park that day. Nobody wants to have an off but the consequences of this happening on one of Dave's regular road rides don't bear to thinking about.

He's back at home recuperating now - at the time I thought it wasn't too bad, little did I know that the bike went over him (you can just about see it in the clip), and a V-Max is a big old bit of kit.

V-Max down at Oulton Park from driverchris on Vimeo.

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