26 September, 2008

Ride alone and you ride with Obama

Become a politician and the freebies start rolling in.

John McCain has taken delivery of one of Orange County Choppers finest (!?). Orange County Choppers is the firm immortalised on the Discovery Channel for the striking bikes the Teutul family put together from various components out of a catalogue build, that is in the few minutes during the working day that they aren't arguing noisily with each other. McCain's new ride is a tribute to PoWs, the barbed wire highlights are a particularly tasteful design motif.

When McCain was presented with the bike he said "Sarah and I are going to get on that chopper and ride it straight to Washington!".

Unfortunately McCain isn't licensed to ride a bike, it isn't road legal, it's a hardtail - meaning there's no rear suspension and the poor fella has an enlarged prostrate...

Oh and nice handlebar design for a bloke who world famously can't lift his arms above shoulder height due to injuries sustained as a prisoner in Vietnam

I'm starting to suspect that the Teutul family are secret Democrats.

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