26 January, 2006

Unaccustomed, as I am

According to Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of Paisley having sex is good way to calm nerves before giving a speech or presentation. Mr Brody says it has to be full sexual intercourse to get the best results. Mr Brody made particular mention of that fact to his undergraduate students Kelly and Lyndsey.

He discovered volunteers who had sexual intercourse were least stressed and had blood pressure levels that returned to normal more quickly than people who engaged in other types of sex.

But people who had abstained from sex had the highest blood pressure response to stress.

"The effects are not attributable simply to the short-term relief afforded by orgasm but rather, endure for at least a week," he told New Scientist magazine.

But Dr Peter Bull, a social and political psychologist at the University of York, said there were other techniques more likely to reduce stress. "You are probably better off thinking about what you are going to say, and preparing thoroughly, rather than having sex the previous night."

And I certainly wouldn't recommend it before you make a speech announcing that you are about to run for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats.

12 Step to the white courtesy phone:

Blogger bigfootcookie shout your mess


The sound of driverchris' arrow hitting the bullseye.

January 26, 2006 9:19 am

Blogger Chris shout your mess

Whythankyou, wait a minute. Is that a euphamism?

January 26, 2006 10:11 am

Blogger Taoski shout your mess

Is it me... or are the libDems a bunch of homo nob-sucking, lying twats?

Or "Politicians" for short.

January 26, 2006 12:40 pm

Blogger Chris shout your mess


January 26, 2006 4:24 pm

Blogger Richard shout your mess

Personally, I always bang one out before answering the phone. Makes me all calm and friendly like. Yes all friendly, we're all pals right?

January 27, 2006 1:34 am

Blogger Gary Monro shout your mess


Your phone rings for a quite a while before the answering sevice kicks in - I assume?

January 27, 2006 3:25 pm

Blogger Chris shout your mess

Not with his "hair trigger"

January 27, 2006 5:36 pm

Blogger bigfootcookie shout your mess

Spanking the monkey before answering the phone? Hmmmm...that could be the answer to me getting all stressed up when trying to fix UFU* related customer problems at work.

Don't know what my colleagues would think, but it's about the only target I have any hope of achieving this year.

* UFU - User Fuck Up.

January 27, 2006 7:26 pm

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March 05, 2016 12:38 am


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