16 May, 2007

Darwin award contender

For some people it appears that when asked the (rhetorical?) question "and if your friend told you to jump off a cliff would you?" the answer would be a resounding "maybe!"

Paula Ceely had borrowed her boyfriend's satnav for a trip from Redditch, to Carmarthenshire. She recounted: "Obviously I had never done the journey before so I was using the satnav - completely dependent on it. I came to this crossing and there was like a metal gate, which looked like just a normal farmers' gate with a red circle on it. I thought it was a dead end at first and then there was a little sign saying, if the light is green, open the gates and drive through. So I opened the gate, drove forward, closed the gate behind me and then went to go and open the gate in front of me. Then I heard this train and I noticed there was train tracks. It was only then that I did realise I was on a train crossing. I just stood back and I just watched this train come in front of me. I could feel the air just pass me and then my car just did a 360 degree turn on the tracks and was knocked to the other side."

The impact of the Pembroke Dock to Swansea train carried Ceely's Renault Clio for half a mile down the track. The exasperated satnav rookie added: "I put my complete trust in the satnav and it led me right into the path of a speeding train. The crossing wasn't shown on the satnav, there were no signs at all, and it wasn't lit up to warn of an oncoming train."

Celly did, however, accept some liability for the smash. She conceded: "I can't completely blame the sat nav because up until there, it did get me where I needed to go. If maybe I had been more aware of the situation, I wouldn't have had the accident."

In conclusion, Celly offered: "I'll never use a sat nav again. You rely on them and if it all goes wrong, you're horribly stuck. People should be more careful with them - you never know where they might lead you."

4 Step to the white courtesy phone:

Blogger MadMondo shout your mess

If you're stupid enough not to recognise a level crossing when you see one it follows that you would be stupid enough to blame it on the sat nav, or the train driver, or your driving instructor, or the government, moon, or pretty much anything. Mea culpa is simply not a concept not understood by the terminally dim (and not just coz it's Latin either).

May 16, 2007 3:29 pm

Blogger Roo shout your mess

Dear god, can she not use one just one more time and drive herself off an effing cliff - dozy bint.

May 18, 2007 5:23 pm

Blogger MadMondo shout your mess

Satnav tampering is a definite option. Some little SD Card tweak that makes Beachy Head an exit off the A22 or shows the West Coast mainline as a dual carriageway on the A5. A simple intelligence test determines whether you guidance system could do with an 'upgrade'. Heh heh heh. /Moustache Twirl

May 21, 2007 5:28 pm

Blogger Chris shout your mess

And people wonder how Hitler got into power... I think I'm just going to start telling people to do my bidding in a calm, clear well modulated voice.

In 3 months I'll be President.

May 22, 2007 12:20 pm


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