13 May, 2007

When a C90 wasn't just a Honda scooter

In a week that saw the High Street finally abandon cassettes, lazy journalists fell over themselves to report the story with a nod to the mixtape; specifically the tape that was meticulously constructed to woo the ladies with it's cunning blend of tunes designed to show how the curator was not only hip but surprisingly sensitive too.

It was all a waste of time. Women don't understand music and hear it as a vague collection of tones, an aural wallpaper if you like. The smarter amongst us were working toward creating the ultimate mixtape for our other ride, the perfect driving tape.

In it's honour, with your help I'm firing up iTunes and building the playlist to end all driving playlists, and remember it's not all about 70s rock - though god knows, it has it's place. When you find yourself driving through a rain slick London street in the early hours the right track should be within your grasp just as much as a summer thrash through the twisties.

I'll get the ball rolling with a couple of my favourites, I find soundtracks particularly rich hunting grounds - the cinematic sweep lending itself to the ultimate in widescreen entertainment. Something not lost on the art directors on Top Gear, if you watch TG you'll recognise a couple of the following...
  • Enjoy The Silence (Reintepreted by Mike Shinoda), Depeche Mode
  • Escape/Hanging, Craig Armstrong (Plunkett & Macleane Soundtrack)
  • Hysteria, Muse
  • Disco Science, Mirwais
  • Reign (Ft. Ian Brown And Mani), Unkle
  • Freeman/Karin Le Roi, Le Dernier Coup
  • Sweet Emotion, Aerosmith
  • She Sells Sanctuary, The Cult
  • Symphony No.9, Gustav Mahler
  • On Days Like These, Matt Monro
  • It's Caper Time, Quincy Jones
I certainly wouldn't advocate looking any of those up on cr3ation, and downloading an mp3 - it's wrong kids!

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