20 April, 2007

We're gonna do what they said can't be done

1977 was a good year for cars on celluloid. A young(er) Roger Moore flung a gorgeously sleek new Esprit around Sardinia accompanied by Marvin Hamlisch's parping disco funk.

Meanwhilst across the pond Burt Reynolds at the height of his not inconsiderable powers was running interference for Snowman's wagon full of Coors to the sound of Jerry Reed.
(btw anybody following those two links who doesn't imediately start work on a driving compilation needs help)

In the eighties the Trans Am had a rep in Blighty as being a bit, well, council. Just like their be-mulleted brethren in dixie the owners knew it might not be sophisticated but you got a whole lot of cubes for your money.

Watching Smokey and the Bandit now - time has treated the Trans Am well. Handsome and muscular with just enough gold bling - it's a winner.

Good news then that to commemorate it Year One is teaming up with the veteran actor restoring and rebuilding a limited number of Bandit inspired Trans Ams. And they'll be doing a tip top job too.

Do you reckon anybody could do a resto job on Sally Fields for me?

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