02 May, 2008


Fourteen years to the day since Ayrton Senna died. Another one of those things that makes you say to yourself "wow, where did all that time go". Roland Ratzenberger had died two days before in qualifying but its understandable that this was overshadowed by Senna's accident at Imola during the race.

It's odd to think that there are motorsports fans now who whilst clearly having heard of Senna never saw him race whilst he was alive - in the same way that Fangio, Ascari and countless other racing legends exist for me in an odd sepia tinted land marked 'History' - I can try and contextualise their achievements and read about their exploits but its always at a remove, a second-hand experience.

I've just watched Sennas last lap on YouTube and its still remarkably upsetting, like Titanic we all know how it ends and there is a horrible feeling as you see Tamburello approaching click here if you want to see it.

Better to remember the classic opening lap at a rain-lashed Donnington the previous year.

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