11 December, 2005



Dear Norman,
I enjoy your column in The Guardian on Saturdays 'Free Radical' indeed - sometimes when I feel that political principles are for sale to the highest bidder it's reassuring to read a bit of an angry screed from the last principled man, railing under the stars.

So there was quite a danger of my mouthful of PG going all over the paper yesterday when turned to your piece and found a phrase so provocative I felt I must enquire after it.

"Now that their allergies have, sadly, forced us to go fee-paying..."

I must confess Norman to confusion mixed equally with curiosity. Unlike our esteemed leader Mr Anthony Blair who just decided to pay up for the best education he could buy, your hand was forced by health issues.

Unfortunately after dangling such a tasty teaser you didn't elaborate with any details. Leaving me wondering two things. You've been "sadly forced" down this expensive route, I do hope you wont resent your child undermining your political principles, what a pity if it were to drive a resentful wedge into the happy home?

And secondly, what is the allergy that is irritated so badly at comprehensives but not at the fee-paying schools? Hoodies? Dropped aithches?

Please please drop me a line and let me know, it's driving me mad trying to guess.

All the best, and good health to you and yours

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PS, any chance of a signed photo while you're at it?

December 12, 2005 6:30 pm


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