09 January, 2006

What plaything can you offer me?

In the quickly changing political landscape following the resignation of Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy, many party members favour the immediate coronation of "Ming" Campbell. Ming, seen here with senior policy advisor "Lord Razzle" is expected to continue to pursue his policy of earthquakes, tidal waves and hurricanes, which proved so effective last year.

Ming may still face opposition from within Mongo, from the spokesperson for the "Bird-people" Lembit Öpik, who is believed to enjoy the support of the swamp-dwelling Earl of Mar and Kellie (LD).

Spokesmen from the government and Conservative opposition alike have derided Liberal Democrats as "cartoonish figures, with ridiculous comicbook names" a criticism voiced from both houses of Parliament by the likes of Dr Stephen Ladyman, Mr Andrew Slaughter, Mr Keith Vaz and Lord Adonis (Labour) Conservatives like Dr Fox and Michael Fabricant and even crossbenchers like Lord Hope of Thornes.

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