19 December, 2006

Vorsprung durch tikka

The migration of business towards Asia and the sub-continent continues. Audi has announced it will start making cars in India from Autumn 2007.

They will start assembling A6 models out of parts produced in Germany at a modest rate of 300 a year, but if all goes well the sky could be the limit.

As well as the plant in Aurangabad Audi said it will also open its own sales and distribution company in Mumbai in the first quarter of 2007 and will expand its network of dealers in India to at least eight from the current three in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

Rumours are not yet confirmed that the previously rather dull naming system to denote models An (where n is an even number) – bland, Sn – bit more exciting, and RSn – hot version, will be replaced with korma, jalfrezi and vindaloo.

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