02 April, 2007

Up the Royals

I'm terribly fond of Royal Enfield motorcycles - the first bike I bought was a 500 Export, and I'd had a 350 on hire long-term before that. As any fule kno it's a thumping British single-cylinder motorbike circa 1954 made in Madras Chennai with the original tooling. Lately they've been going a bit mad and adding modern stuff like electric starters which I personally think is a bit rum.

There's even a company exporting them back to the motherland although I strongly suspect that it's better to keep a fond memory, rather than spoil it all by actually riding one. Likewise I also suspect that were I to spunk £80 on the Battle of The Planets DVD boxset it might fall somewhat short of the awesome tour de force I recall from my childhood.

Anyhoo another modern contrivance Royal Enfield have picked up is the high-concept advertising campaign.