07 September, 2005

The Fuel on the hill

Fuel protesters brought the country to a standstill in 2000. Five years later, some are threatening to do it again. Can they succeed?

Farmer and haulier Andrew Spence, who was an organiser of the People's Fuel Lobby in the north of England during 2000, says fuel prices have risen by 14% in a month.

Mr Spence, who claims to represent a group called the Fuel Lobby, is threatening to blockade all UK refineries on 14 September unless prices come down.

Rhys Park, of Less Tax on Fuel, says he intends to meet farmers and hauliers in south Wales at the end of the week to discuss what action should be taken.

And Farmers For Action chairman David Handley also says "something needs to be done".

Those who know driverchris, will also know that you'd have to go a long way to find a bigger 'petrolhead', the clue is in the name after all. But I struggle to understand the fuel lobby and their grievance.

We live in a fully paid-up capitalist market economy, I'm not over the moon about that but there we go. Some people have drawn an arbitrary line in the sand and decided that when fuel costs more than 12 Flanian Pobble Beads a pint they are justified in acts of civil disobediance.

Yes Mr Handley "something needs to be done", but I haven't been reading about hauliers converting fleets of wagons to LPG, or parents in rural areas organising school-run car pooling, or anybody doing fuck-all to change their consumption patterns.

Driverchris is a mug, don't tell Gordon Brown but he'll actually pay £5 a litre - 'cos he fuckin loves cars and motorbikes. Shit. Every spare sheckel in his life ends up being spent on petrol one way or another, either directly or by other people lapping Brands Hatch. You other drivers need to take a big fuckin' reality pill, wake up and smell the petrol fumes if you feel otherwise.

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Blogger Richard shout your mess

I think that's the thing that really gets me more than anything else with these people - they're the biggest proponents of free market forces and what not, but when the petrol gets a bit pricey or their share value drops there's uproar. Tough shit buster, that capitalism for you. It not all win, win, win. Idiotic, cretinous cunts.

September 08, 2005 11:20 am

Blogger Chris shout your mess

Five years later and they have done precisely cock-all to get around this problem.

Changed the way you make your living? Moved house? Changed your vehicle? The way you use it?

What did you think was going to happen? Were you convinced that any day now we'd strike oil in Swindon, and everything would be alright?

Can we air-drop in some emergency Economics lecturers in with some flash cards marked

September 08, 2005 1:06 pm

Blogger MrNoxious shout your mess

I think I'm right in saying that tax on fuel is lower than it's ever been, it's just the cost of the oil itself that's risen, and there's not an awful lot the govt can do about that.
Just wait till it all runs out, then let 'em protest.
Me, I'll stick to my bike.

September 08, 2005 5:07 pm

Blogger Ghone shout your mess

Or vote Green next time so your car will be banned anyway!!!

September 08, 2005 6:52 pm

Blogger Chris shout your mess

Hello Ghone, I don't want my car banned - just everybody elses.

Perhaps not everybody, but I do think driving licences should be harder to get and harder to keep... must...stop...ranting

September 08, 2005 8:48 pm

Blogger Dangerous shout your mess

fuel is cheap tax is expensive ! maybe when should all(one for ghone)convert to vegetable fuel

September 09, 2005 9:31 pm

Anonymous Anonymous shout your mess

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