08 August, 2005

Discovery crew confident for re-entry

Nasa has been forced to delay space shuttle Discovery's return to Earth by about 90 minutes due to bad weather.
The seven crew members aboard Discovery have been preparing for their re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.

In a shuttle programme first, it has also been repaired by crew member Stephen Robinson during one of three spacewalks.
The astronaut removed material from the shuttle's belly, to prevent any possible repeat of the problems which doomed space shuttle Columbia and her crew.

"We're getting ready here and we're looking forward to coming home," Discovery commander Eileen Collins told mission control in Houston, Texas.

Meanwhile her interior monologue reflected on a summer BBQ hosted by the Robinson family. Specifically the shoddy finish on the rear decking and the crappy shelving coming away from the wall in the den, which Steve seemed really proud of. Come to think of it he broke the coffee maker in the office too. Damn good pilot though, hmm I better get on with the pre-flights.

Commander Collins described her current state as "Bricking it"

1 Step to the white courtesy phone:

Blogger Chris shout your mess

Well they got the bugger down.

Well done.

August 09, 2005 2:01 pm


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