22 February, 2006

Those diary leeks

November 14th
(Acohol units 6 v. bad, foxes 3, v. good)
The firm are sending me to China, cripes what a bore! Last chance to go out with piggy and bag a few. She kept on at the fags and I got annoyed and had too many cherry brandy's. Must try harder.

November 15th
(Acohol units 4 , foxes 0, v.v. bad)

Bloody firm won't let me take the plane. Have to slum it in first on BA. Bugger. Have a couple of glasses of bubbly and catch up with Polo news, I know I shouldn't have to work when I'm travelling, but that is how dedicated I am. Treat self to extra pud, piggy says I am too thin.

November 16th
(Acohol units 5 bad, pandas 1, v.v. good)

Funny looking chappie meets me off plane. Papa says not to stay too long in case I catch slitty eyes - worried about how much time pops is spending with Harry. Could be worse I suppose at least it's not Ed.

On the QT the head chink took us out to bag some sport after tea. Pandas are very slow creatures and the black and white markings mean they stand out like Harry at a Mensa meeting, I shot one whilst it's cub looked on - great sport! Can't wait to tell piggy. When her blood's up she lets me touch her saddle bits.

November 17th
(Acohol units 0 good, pandas 0, v. bad)

Had to listen to some boring slitty eyed types again, they are terrible old waxworks and no mistake. I have decided to become a political dissident type. Cripes piggy will be surprised! I am like a modern day Che Guevara, or Lech Walesa. I will struggle against the forces of oppression to free the people.

Mummy will be pleased.

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Blogger Richard shout your mess

You see, if Charlie actually wrote something like that he might be a bit more interesting.

February 22, 2006 8:25 pm

Blogger MadMondo shout your mess

...agree - it is rather more highbrow and insightful too.

February 25, 2006 9:26 am

Blogger Ghone shout your mess

Remarkabley well observed old fruit!

February 25, 2006 12:09 pm


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