10 April, 2007

Blue Hoon of Kentucky

Whilst Australians like to project the image of relaxed, good-time folk with literally no worries, it might surprise Europeans to know that they have many motoring laws so draconian John Reid would get moist just thinking about enforcing them.

But to add to anti-speeding legislation as strict as an angry Bavarian dominatrix, in the State of Victoria a new law allows cars to be seized based on heresay. A complaint that a car may have had a "sustained loss of traction" is enough for police to seize a vehicle. So far in the city of Wodonga, three cars have been taken based solely on citizen complaints.

It's hard to predict how the British Daily Mail would report suggestions of a similar law for Blighty... "Overdue crackdown on terror drivers, house prices stabilise" or "Shameful government gives more powers to Brussels", but it seems like a pretty dubious way of tackling the issue and open to flagrant abuse. Hmm I've never liked those kitchen curtains the neighbours have put up - pass the phone Sheila.

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