30 November, 2009

Wallpaper redux

Everybody needs a selection of bright large paper as Crimble approaches...

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18 November, 2009

my kinda painting

17 November, 2009

Napier Deltic

The Napier Deltic is a cunning 2 stroke diesel engine named after the Greek letter delta (Δ). Designed and produced by Napier its opposed piston design doesn't require a heavy head, making for a lightweight engine. It's a uniflow design, meaning gas flow in the cylinder is one-way, mild supercharging improves exhaust gas scavenging.

Early designs failed because of the difficulty in arranging all three pistons movement in one delta, Napier solved this problem by gearing the crankshafts so that one of them rotated in the opposite direction as demonstrated in this hypnotic diagram.

10 November, 2009

Wallpaper 10

Some new wallpaper I cooked up inspired by the nascent UK Short Track scene... especially the Sideburn guys.

in normal:

and widescreen:

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06 November, 2009

Hej Hej

Lordy they just keep on coming... It's rare to see a Volvo Amazon in Britain these days, but they're still reasonably common in Stockholm, and it's kinda understandable, they have a solidity that underpinned Volvo's reputation.

So what better to do with a clean '67 Amazon than give it a bit more go? Linköpings Motorsport have upped the power to five hundred BHP and got it down to a sprightly tonne.

I love it, the muscular style is reminiscent of a Lister Jag or the Two-Lane Blacktop Chevy, whilst retaining the understated class - let's call it a Swedish Bristol.

02 November, 2009

needin Sweden

What was I saying about the Swedes and their kinky redneck leanings?

Check out this super clean SAAB 99, looks like Granny keeps it garaged at all times and it only comes out to collect the pickled herring. Only the sharp-eyed person who spots those 4 point harnesses will suspect it's a helluva sleeper.

No small job, they've spun the engine in the bay, turbo'd it seven ways from Sunday and mated it to an Audi AWD transmission. God I love a Q car.