30 May, 2012

the pup

A little something for Old Empire Motorcycles. They're good people...

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28 May, 2012

Anglesey May 26th

From the ridiculous (in the greatest possible way!) to the sublime... a chilly but fantastic Dirt Quake on the Enfield to a roasting Anglesey trackday with the PB Mag forum lot on the Aprilia a week later. I'd previously left Ty Croes circuit in an ambulance with a freshly busted collarbone but there were no nerves and unusually for me I went fast from the first session. Great conditions, awesome time on track followed by a bevvy or two and lots of stupid chat with mates. Perfect day.

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24 May, 2012

Another roadside attraction

Love this flickr set of signs...

River Lodge Motel Country Liquor Corbin Bowling Center: Part 1

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21 May, 2012

rubbing is parading

Some action shots from FlatTel's flickr set, there's plenty more in his stream


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20 May, 2012

clean machine

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Dirt Quake heroes

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12 May, 2012

Ekins approved

Having gone surprisingly well at a practice session for Dirt Quake it's time for some serious rubber. Armed with a couple of Taiwan's finest tyre levers and some elbow grease I managed to get the old tyres off, and even more incredibly I got the new trials tyres on with just a smattering of swears. Bloody hard work though. Took a quick spin across town to my folks for a test ride, the handling is hilarious - it manages to both resist turning and then plunge into turns like Ollie Reed falling off the wagon. Very strange. Looks just the part for jumping across a barbed wire frontier into Switzerland now.

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08 May, 2012

super unleaded

Some nice news on the wireless this morning. Two petrol station canopies have been given listed building status. Long time fan of Googie so it's lovely to see it recognised. There was also a refreshing lack of harrumphing when the Today programme reported it - Good to see that it only takes about 40 years for bold architecture to stop causing knee-jerk criticism.

The Mobil canopies on the A6 at Red Hill, Leicestershire
Markham Moor petrol station  

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