29 January, 2013

Dirt Quake redux

Those who were not there regretted it. Now for the first tim ever those Sideburn guys are doing a sequel.

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15 January, 2013

Röhrlpaper 21

I'm so sorry... 

...it's just that I love making bad puns, particularly ones involving the name of rally legend Walter Röhrl. Unfortunately in the Venn Diagram that shows the set of people who appreciate my sense of humour and the set of people who in conversation know who Walter Röhrl is, the intersection of the two is an arid and lonely place.

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10 January, 2013

Axis Fuel I love

I loves me a Jerry Can, oh yeah! Or should I say ich liebe einen Wehrmachtkanister? Great little article from Core77 on how one of my favourite pieces of industrial design is a typically clean well thought out piece of German engineering.
More information on the evolution of the design here.

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02 January, 2013


I like this very much... great look, great name. The Thunderfucker 5. More pics and details at Fast Boy Cycles. I particularly like this item in their price list:


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