31 January, 2011

feature bloat

Top Gear script editors. Just because Clarkson is pally with various army and air force types you may still want to check the accuracy of things he says about military jets - he has a habit of using the same cliches in his columns and Top Gear reviews and for a fellow so keen on hyperbole they seem to be running away with him - getting bigger in the re-telling.

For when that video gets taken down here's a transcript:

“Modern Jet fighters are kept in the air not by the pilot but by several million Gigabytes of hardcore software, and this [Ferrari GTO] is just the same”

Several Petabytes of software Jezza?

Damn those lazy ass geeks need to clean up their code.


26 January, 2011

It's what hairpins were made for

click for embiggerring

Rhys Millen on Brazil's Serra do Rio do Rastro. (Photo: Bruce Terena, Red Bull)

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23 January, 2011

Gabriel Orozco

Currently at Tate Modern.


14 January, 2011

slow drift

I know... two YouTube links in a row. This is pretty gnarly though

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07 January, 2011

Nice VW ad

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05 January, 2011


Back from Canada where I saw Edward Burtynsky's excellent OIL show at the equally impressive Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton. Large in scale, ghostly, brooding, the pictures demand attention. Presented without comment often from an aerial viewpoint they can't help but recall Koyaanisqatsi. The location of the show a few hundred miles south of one of the latest hot button issues facing oil politics looms in the mind too.

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