31 August, 2010

Beautiful, beautiful. Magnificent desolation.

NASA have uploaded some great pics to flickr, I suggest you check them out.

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27 August, 2010


Oh my good gravy... it doesn't get much better than this. The noise!

1969 Boss 302 Mustang vs. 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A vs. 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 at Laguna Seca

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23 August, 2010

Booster loose

Stunning footage from one of the pair of Shuttle booster rockets as it disengages and falls to earth. The sound was captured using a contact mic - remember in space nobody can hear you scream, right kids? And the sometimes ethereal, sometimes violent sounds captured as the booster hits the atmosphere are great.

The whole sequence has an air of Kubrick at his best... stick around for the water impact, sheer poetry.


20 August, 2010

the pros from dover

...however the lone rider that does the runner is the risktaker and the one that thinks he has the skill and the luck to outrun anyone....when the fact is they are not in control and basically ride/drive with their eyes closed (or may as well with the amount of 'skill' they display)

I once arrested what i classed as a proper 'getaway driver' after a very lengthy pursuit through Berkshire, we had a good chat whilst sat at the rear of a custody block waiting to get booked in.

we were discussing the pros & cons of his 'job' and it was interesting how much he despised what he classed as idiots on bikes and cars that initiated pursuits because they were speeding or lacked insurance etc.....he hated programmes such as police camera action as it just showed 'carnage'.

He said, "if i get seen by Cops then i've blighted that job, get away then the job is a partial success, getting away without detection is the main aim"

Considering i pursued him for 30 mins and he was stopped by 'Stop stick' i asked how long he would have kept it going , he replied "until one of us ran out of petrol"

i must admit, there was not much recklessness in his driving, it was just a case of him not stopping, he did driver up to three figures and drove, if i'm honest, reasonably well...he didn't do anything dangerous and the overtakes he got in were 'on' and safe.

when his tyres were deflated he didn't carry on he indicated, pulled over and put his arms out of the window as did the three other men he was carrying.

considering they were all looking at a lengthy custodial sentence for a high value burglary ther were all well mannered and behaved.

unfortunately the majority of people i pursue are idiots and risk takers and a very clear and obvious danger to the public.

from pbmagforum

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19 August, 2010

Go fast, turn left

Sideburn 6 has landed along with a limited edition Rollerball inspired tee. Cool. Loving the Spot UV title guys, even if it doesn't come out on a phone pic - you'll just have to buy one and see for yourself. The brake fluid reservoir was ebay booty that arrived at the sorting office at the same time. Double cool.

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16 August, 2010

luggage 2

After posting about this luggage, seemingly custom designed to get you given a hard time at the airport come these cheeky luggage stickers...

it would take a massive sense of humour failure for check-in staff to give you grief over these, but do you really want to chance it at the front of the queue?

click for biggety

from thecheeky.com


15 August, 2010

stick em up

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11 August, 2010

Hell on wheels

I think I've mentioned Adam Curtis before. He's a television documentary maker whose work express a clear sometimes controversial opinion about their subject often at odds with the current received wisdom.

As a profile in the Observer noted:

The fun and surprise of his films is the footage that he uncovers to support his mesmerising essays... ...Curtis has a remarkable feel for the serendipity of such moments, and an obsessive skill in locating them. 'That kind of footage shows just how dull I can be,' he admits, a little glumly. 'The BBC has an archive of all these tapes where they have just dumped all the news items they have ever shown. One tape for every three months. So what you get is this odd collage, an accidental treasure trove. You sit in a darkened room, watch all these little news moments, and look for connections.'

His blog has many inspiring ideas and the footage he finds to illustrate them. Of particular interest at the moment is the glorious footage he's unearthed from 1973 of Britain's first official Hells Angels Chapter.

The film is another pharmaceutical strength shot of reality for anybody in danger of fondly remembering the Seventies as any kind of beacon of style. It's bleak, grubby and unsophisticated, just like the Angels themselves. It chimes very nicely with Hunter Thompson's experience with the Angels. An initial fascination with their lifestyle quickly led him to conclude that they were at best damaged goods, and these guys don't even have sun-drenched Californian backdrop to lend them an air of roguish glamour. Well worth a look.

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