30 June, 2010


Another great paintjob from Death Spray Custom. If you don't know what film this bike's referencing then we need to talk.

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28 June, 2010

conspicuous consumption

Spotted in Knightsbridge... we'd just been at one of the excellent Friday Late events at the V&A and I'm not sure the combination of iPhone camera and dwindling light levels are capable of communicating just how retina-shearing the colour was.

One thing's for sure - this owner gives less than a fuck about resale value.

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22 June, 2010

King Ralph

I've always had a soft spot for the Photorealist art movement. I'll admit a certain amount is because 'the picture looks like what it's supposed to' and as much as I loathe the typical knee-jerk philistine (and proud of it) reaction to any hint of conceptualism in art I do love craft as well. By which I mean technique, expertise, mastery of a medium, and what better proof of expertise than verisimilitude? But mostly I think it's down to the subject matter, I've already namechecked Robert Bechtle and this week stumbled upon Ralph Goings' website


Trucks and diners, small town Americana, Airstream trailers and sun bleached cinerama. Lovely lovely lovely.

I've been a fan for years and I guess that comes across in some of my iPhone snaps.

Gun shop, Edmonton AB

Truck, St. Albert AB

Ricky's All Day Grill, St. Albert AB

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21 June, 2010

My Father's Car

beautiful delivery... wait for the kicker at the end, how much?!

19 June, 2010

mad skills

Maybe I don't need that nu-school freestyle BMX...

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13 June, 2010

new leathers

My usual trackday one-piece leathers took a bit of a beating at Anglesey. I reckon they could still serve with some judicious stitching and the application of strategic gaffa tape if I ever get round to trying short-track... but not really fit for circuit work.

And if you don't mind looking like an Australian's nightmare there are bargains a plenty out there on ebay, from those heady eighties days when flouro was all the go. These may be a crime against taste but the protection is top notch, and as a bonus I'm hoping that in the event of an off, like an incompatible organ transplant, the road will actually 'reject' me and I will skip harmlessly away.

Check out the dials on the arm. These I believe are 'testosterone meters', and as you can see, they're off the scale.

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09 June, 2010

Hans off approach

I was dimly aware that an experiment in Holland had shown that by removing road furniture, signage and painted lines they'd drastically reduced the accident rate. This great article on Jalopnik gives more details of why and some background on the radical traffic engineer Hans Monderman behind the scheme. I heartily recommend it.

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07 June, 2010

Soft and gentle

Volkswagen have always been a byword for sophistication with their advertising, particularly in print. But those Madison Avenue copywriters had their hands full when they started on the VW account, as somebody wrily observed 'how do you sell a nazi car in a jewish town?'.

Interesting to note then just how far we've come, can you see this flying today?

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02 June, 2010

60 years of sportscar evolution

It's fascinating using this image to trace the evolution of the silhouette, it also shows the changing engine displacement and power outputs... spot the turbo era!

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via Pùblico

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