31 August, 2011

saddle saw

I found some more picture references for a two seater saddle. They're rarer than rocking horse shit in the customised bike world it would seem. Wassamatter? Too much of a loner, a grizzled knight of the road, a steel horse cowboy riding the lonely trail to take your old lady out for a ride once in a while?

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Deus's Bloodnok (above) has a really nice sleek saddle that owes more than a bit to the Bratstyle scene whereas their other W650 the Custom (below) would probably get more of a nod from my other half for reasons of comfort so perhaps there is a middle ground.

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28 August, 2011

High calibre

I've decided to make a tag just for mood board pics for the Enfield project so I can find them easily.

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26 August, 2011

Bullet Brat

Done a little PotatoShopping to see how the Bullet might look with a bit more of a funky seat unit. It's just for the purposes of seeing how the seat looks... I've discovered that trying to do a 'Shop on a bike at an odd angle in front of the busiest background optically possible is a massive pain in the arse so I can't face the amount of work it would be to do all the other bits. Next time I'll take a nice profile pic against a plain background. You'd think I'd know these things. sigh.

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EDIT: found this shot on the always great Selvedge Yard of what I think is a Deus bike (judging by the tank logo - and it's a W650 which matches their M.O.), good reference for the kind of saddle I'm imagining - it definitely needs to be able to take a pillion for those summer day trips...

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24 August, 2011

Bullet time

Well indeed! Took a spin over to my folks two-up and it was a mainline hit of nostalgia and no mistake. From the distinctive lazy idle that clears it's throat to become an elegant throb, the gearbox that doesn't want to be rushed and the frankly dubious brakes every sense was flooded with memories. Proust can stick his madeleine.

First things first, off with the top box. There is almost inevitably a smattering of metric and imperial, glad to have the tools from working on my mini.

Much better already. Whilst I'm here I may as well whip the seat off to see how things look, maybe take a picture to have a pop at in Photoshop.

Dagnabbit! It's not until I put the saddle back on and pop the bike back in the shed that I discover the photo's a bit blurry. Arsecandles!

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19 August, 2011

In with a Bullet

Well after much head scratching and looking at different options I've bought another bike. Lord knows I don't have enough two wheeled contrivances. I blame the Aprilia being in the workshop. I done got me an Enfield.

After much lurking on the 'bay for several months bidding on examples only to be outbid at the last moment, (leaving me with that heady brew of relief and regret when you fail to secure a large item) I ended up in the hotseat when the music stopped. Very pleased with the price, so if it turns out to be not quite so pleasant as my daydreaming has it I reckon I could recoup the lot easy, maybe even turn a wee profit.

The plan is to ride it for a bit and see how it works out - if I like it I have plans for something a little Bratstyle'y...

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16 August, 2011


See you there!

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11 August, 2011

eyes on the road

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05 August, 2011

Pocket pistol

liking these...

derringer cycles

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