26 January, 2012

One Bullet seven men, what do you do?

There's more!

I found out it's from the Republic Day (26th Jan) Parade in New Delhi, a big old show by the look of things... check it out on Google images.

It's an old fashioned expression of military strength; look at the size of our missiles and tanks type thing which isn't usually my kinda gig... but oh how Indian. Ranks of gorgeous bright turbans, insanely dressed men on camels, huge moustaches, flypasts, dignitaries and it seems every national department that gets issued an Enfield showing how many fellas they can get on it at once. Huzzah!
Makes the White Helmets look distinctly unambitious.

I think I like this chap on the front best (click for biggerosity)

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16 January, 2012


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12 January, 2012

Bobbed Cub... cubber?

I've posted about custom cubs before but this is a new one on me, and it's got a great look.

found at bikerMetric

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