23 June, 2011

The Splish Splash Show

Awake under canvas pitter pattering to the gentle beat of rain. The rain came and went throughout the day at Oulton leaving us with a paltry single session that had a drying line. Managed to scare myself and almost lose the front on a sighting lap - small consolation that when we viewed the incident footage from Mike's bike it did look quite scary and it wasn't just me getting the heebie jeebies.

This was confirmed when Mike manage to lose the front a couple of sessions later at the same spot and drop his bike. Luckily the damage was restricted to a slightly bent footpeg and bruised pride.

Oulton Park - fantastic, beautiful and challenging. Riding in the rain on road tyres, a pain in the arse. Next time. Still the folk who did have wet tyres seemed to enjoy themselves.

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12 June, 2011

Audi crash number 2

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That's torn it

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10 June, 2011

Le Mans spotters guide

The Spotter Guide has been updated following the final day of Scrutineering and now has all 56 liveries, driver, team car and tyre combinations for this year's race. Also available in pdf, iPad & iPhone friendly formats


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