26 November, 2008

Farking Spot

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MINI have a "Word of the Day" desktop widget to promote the brand in North America - hence some of the somewhat idiosyncratic references - still I enjoy holding 'uber driver' status in North America because I can drive a stick-shift!

Brewnesia n. The condition of forgetting your coffee on the
roof of your car and driving off.

Carligraphy n. The art of writing on a dirty vehicle with your finger.

v. To sing while motoring.

Cartesy n. The generous act of letting another car merge into your lane.

Cashtray n. A car ashtray that's been repurposed as a coin holder.

n. A talented driver of a car with a standard transmission. A rare breed.

n. Someone with a poor shave or makeup job as a result of doing it on the way to work.

adj. Feeling of confusion when you can't remember what level of the parking garage you're on.

n. Something that distracts a driver, such as a cell phone conversation, DVD player or PDA.

v. To drive with the emergency brake on.

n. A dent or paint scrape to which the origin is unknown.

Farking Spot
n. A seemingly open parking space that when you get closer, you discover a small car parked there.

n. That person who flashes you with their brights even though your brights aren't on.

n. A parking meter that already has time on it.

v. To speak slowly at the drive through window so you can stall for time while still making your decision.

n. A vehicle that has just killed an extraordinary amount of bugs on its grille or windshield.

n. When multiple cars arrive at a stop sign and no one goes.

n. The involuntary act of hitting the brakes when you see a cop regardless of whether you're speeding or not.

n. A slow moving vehicle that keeps you from going your desired speed.

n. The fear that you're always in the slowest moving lane.

n. A street with a large number of potholes on it.

Premature Co-pilotation
v. To call "shotgun" too early.

n. To perform a driving move you think might be illegal, yet you do it anyway.

v. The dangerous act of motoring with a dog on your lap. Not recommended.

adj. When you're physically unable to leave the car until a song is over.

Seatus quo
n. The normal position of your car seat. May be upset by valets and other new drivers.

n. The mysterious sneaker you always see on the side of the road.

n. A vehicle that follows shoppers in the parking lot in hopes of getting their spot.

adj. Condition that occurs when you get to the gas station but can't remember what side your tank is on.

n. A bumper sticker for a presidential election long since passed.

n. The ideal wiper speed for the amount of rain currently falling.

12 November, 2008

New tax disc holder design

05 November, 2008

Max Power doesn't snuggle

I wanted to wait and ask Dave if he had any objections to me posting a video of his accident on the interweb pipes. Its a measure of his sense of humour and magnanimous nature that he agreed to it.

It was pure luck (good or bad you be the judge) that I chose that particular session to run behind him so I could get some footage of the V-Max on track.

Often after filming close riding you're disappointed reviewing the footage to see that the lead bike seems miles away - its' one of those things that can be hard to capture - let me assure you, when the accident unfolded in front of me it felt really fucking close!

I'm grateful that I managed to keep my bike upright when I took to the grass but most of all I'm thankful for the swift, expert attention of all the various people who were on the scene so fast trackside, the Helicopter crew and the staff at The Countess of Chester who had another 3 visitors from Oulton Park that day. Nobody wants to have an off but the consequences of this happening on one of Dave's regular road rides don't bear to thinking about.

He's back at home recuperating now - at the time I thought it wasn't too bad, little did I know that the bike went over him (you can just about see it in the clip), and a V-Max is a big old bit of kit.

V-Max down at Oulton Park from driverchris on Vimeo.

03 November, 2008

Back in the saddle

Untitled from Chris Hough on Vimeo.