25 June, 2012

Digging in the Dirt

It would be pretty damn difficult to capture what Dirt Quake was, but Dan and Hayley's hard work does... love it!
This is Dirt Quake! from SIDEBURN on Vimeo.

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21 June, 2012


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19 June, 2012

Logo a go go

I'm wondering if I shouldn't pretty up the Aprilia's battle-scarred trackday fairing with a few stickers. Logo pastiche is very 1st year graphic design student I know, but I just can't resist sometimes...

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06 June, 2012

Liquid engineering

A gorgeous collection of oil cans on flickr here. I'm a sucker for americana, petronalia, graphic design and packaging so what can I say... this pretty much makes me very happy. A mother lode when I want to steal ideas get some inspiration for a project.



This next one is my favourite. I think I'd seen a picture of it before but just assumed that it was a contemporary design for a Pixar movie or something like that, a tongue in cheek idea but with consummately executed aesthetics... I mean it's just too perfect, oil is dinosaur juice right?

Dinolene Sinclair

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03 June, 2012

Dispatch war rocket Ajax!

Poor old Conor Cummins. Denied participation in the first Superbike race of the week due to a hand injury sustained at the North West 200 he still has to go on telly wearing the worst corporate swag I've seen in a long time.

I thought McLaren had finally laid to rest any possible competition in this field a few years in F1. At Silverstone their stalls were resplendent in Hugo Boss shirts and hats that seemed to be made of a material so plastic and scratchy that it was a challenge to the committed McLaren fan. How much do you love us eh? Will you wear this? This? How about this? You stupid idiot. You'll pay £40 for a t-shirt too won't you, you dumb shit. Never mind the ridiculously ugly pleats.

But now Conor is forced to do a bit to camera dressed like an am-dram production of Flash Gordon. D'ya wanna be in my gang?

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