02 May, 2016

Vintage ad

found this vintage ad for my leathers

The comments I get when I'm wearing them are very positive and usually make some reference to the eighties. I'm afraid not. Fieldsheer Acid Worms are very nineties - here's Carl Fogarty rocking a set in 1992.

Interesting to see the price back in the day too. £599.95 in 1992 is the equivalent of £1120 in 2015 (according to the Bank of England's inflation calculator) and I've got the black set as well as the white ones!

22 September, 2015

Interior monologue

I came across this shot as I was wandering about the internet...

click the pic to embiggerate

I love it. Push button transmission, the textures and stampings... it must have involved so many man hours to put together for a mass produced vehicle, even if it was a premium model. And the record player! I imagine the stylus weight was pretty damn heavy to keep it tracking - wear out your records fast daddio!

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02 June, 2015

Land speeders

probably the most appropriate styling for the flying car treatment...


27 April, 2015

‘American Dreaming’: Detroit’s golden age of auto design

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14 January, 2015

Vintage Postcards

I don't know if this style of postcard has a name, but I love 'em. So I've been having a bit of fun imitating the style...

Altogether now, Holiday Ro-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Road

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12 January, 2015

more vectors

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05 December, 2014

Scratching in the Dirt featuring Guy Martin